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Error message WPinfo has stopped working on widescreen monitors


I am getting "Error message WPinfo has stopped working" on widescreen monitors. I use wpinfo in a university environment and have both standard and widescreen monitors. The error seems to only happen when trying to apply on widescreen monitors.

I have been using a GPO with client side prerferences at first trying to use item level targeting using a computer group to create shortcut where the wpinfo and back ground files are located on the local pc.

Target path C:\USERS\PUBLIC\WPInfo.exe

Arguments /LoadFile=C:\USERS\PUBLIC\WPinfoDESKTOP_N.wpi /Silent

Using two computers groups in the situation for normal and wide screen monitors is just too much work to keep track of so I decided to try a WMI query to check the resolution on logon and apply the correct shortcut. I'm still getting the "Error message WPinfo has stopped working". I used to use bginfo untill someone complained that the wallpaper looked stretched. Is there a timeout feature with wpinfo or is this just a bug.


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wpinfo error message

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